14. The ‘I am’ is the permanent link in

the succession of events called life, be at

the link ‘I am’ only and go beyond it.

Conception, birth and infancy, these are the
beginnings of your being where the ‘I am’ lies
dormant. Then there is the spontaneous
appearance of the non-verbal feeling ‘I am’ around
say three years of age. On this foundation of the
knowledge ‘I am’ is built a large structure of
words, ideas and concepts and very soon it is ‘I am
so and so’ and so forth. The pure ‘I am’ is
contaminated and it piles on right from childhood
to old age, but in all the succession of events, the ‘I
am’ lies at the base and has always been there. The
‘I am’ is an unbroken link throughout your life, so
come back to it, abide there and try to transcend it,
for there lies your True being.
SOURCE: HolyBooks

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