The Nisargadatta Gita Book

by Pradeep Apte


Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

59. Erroneously you have handed over

this knowledge ‘I am’ to the body and

thereby reduced the limitless to the

limited; hence you are afraid of dying.


Just try to recollect the moment when you came to know that ‘you are’ or the knowledge ‘I am’ appeared. Initially, in that nascent stage you only knew ‘I am’ and periodically you drifted into the state of ‘I am not’. This lasted for some time and then parents, people and the environment around you began encroaching on the purity of your ‘I am’. You were made to wear the uniform or garb of ‘so-and-so’ and here began the whole error. The limitless was reduced to the limited and you became an individual encased in a body. You were told that you had been born and you inferred you would die one day. You love this ‘I am’ this ‘beingness’, you do not want to lose it at any cost, and hence the fear of death prevails.
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