The Nisargadatta Gita Book

The Nisargadatta Gita Banner

by Pradeep Apte


Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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68. The primary concept ‘I am’ is
dishonest, a cheat. It has tricked you into
believing what is not. Focus sharply on
the ‘I am’ and it’ll disappear.

The teaching says that first you must start an inquiry into the nature of this knowledge ‘I am’, how it appeared on you and what it lead to. In the process of this inquiry you land up with the conclusion that this ‘I am’ is false and has deceived you into believing something that’s not true. You may theoretically agree with this conclusion but in order to actually understand it you have to keep a sharp focus for a prolonged period on the ‘I am’. You have to do this repeatedly; in fact this is the ‘Sadhana’ (practice).

What will be the outcome of all this? A moment will come when the ‘I am’ will disappear and you will end up in your true natural state.
Decorative Line
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