Some comments on “The Nisargadatta Gita”

“My understanding and practice is much deeper since discovering The Nisargadatta Gita”


“Your Nisargadatta Gita IS THE BEST exposition of Maharaj I have ever seen. I bow in gratitide.I am in awe of your accomplishment in expressing.”
-Ed Muzika


“I get centered reading The Nisargadatta Gita.”


“The Nisargadatta Gita is evidently the fully ripened fruit of much intenseinquiry and reflection.”
-John Wheeler


“I wish to thank you, on the way you have describe the I AM. Your
description is like a painting or a piece of music, that touches the core of ones being.”
-Ramonde Bissett


“WONDERFUL – SOUL STIRRING !!!!! I have been reading your
Nisargadatta Gita. The lucid commentary you gave to the message of Maharaj is really wonderful.”


“Thank you for your extraordinary contributions to the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Since my native language is Spanish, I have translated a couple sections of your book, The Nisargadatta Gita, and posted them to my little blog.”


“This valuable book will be of immense use to all readers.”


“Thank you so much for compiling The Nisargadatta Gita. He(Maharaj) has had a great impact on ‘me’.”
-Tim Rowe


“This is an excellent insight into the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj and helps one get focused on the ‘I AM’. This work would go a long way to help seekers understand his teaching. Pradeep’s effort is indeed commendable.”
-Hemant K


“Thank you so much for your wonderful offering!”